sicoma vertical shaft mixer

1. Mixing arm planetary high-speed rotation, the material can be quickly and evenly mixed
2. With the same amount of double-horizontal shaft mixer, low height, easy to mix station layout, reducing the mixing station feeding height and the overall height
3. The hydraulic way to open the discharge door, can be opened in sections;
4. Economical and durable, there is no leakage phenomenon;
5 is the best choice for block and precast parts industry;
6. Easy maintenance, easy to change the liner;

Shi Gaoma planetary mixer is the new direction of disc mixing, mixing knife and the disk revolution, autobiographical mixing to ensure that the mixer stir the material in a short period of time. Due to its high viscosity, the cement can completely encase the aggregates such as stones, sand and other materials. Shimama vertical shaft mixer can save raw materials, can produce solid concrete with small amount of water and cement, and Shimama vertical shaft mixer can efficiently produce all Grade concrete, vertical shaft mixer is the industry standard. In addition, Shi Gao Ma vertical shaft mixer is a world famous brand, product quality and after-sales service has been recognized worldwide users. It is also ideal for producing concrete components, preforms, commercial concrete, and more.

sicoma vertical shaft mixer
One or two stirring planets from the Siemag vertical shaft mixer revolve around the midpoint while rotating so that the trajectories of each mixing arm cover all corners of the mixer to stir the material. Fast, thorough and vigorous stirring effectively shortens the mixing time, stabilizing the various types of concrete to 30 seconds or less. As a result, the high production of STMicroelectronics vertical mixers produces more concrete than the same mixing plant, and at the same time produces more concrete with higher consistency and strength. In other words, it also saves cement.

MPC 375/500/750/1000/1250/1500/2000/3000
◆ Planetary mixing mode for high-purity concrete mixing, mixing materials can be more uniform;
Is the best choice for block and prefabricated parts industry;
◆ hydraulic way / manual double way switch discharge door, can do more stop;

◆ Discharge port optional other three directions, can open more than two;

◆ economic and durable, easy maintenance;
◆ With the same amount of double-shaft mixer, low height, easy to mix station layout planning;
◆ Optional aggregate lifting device;
◆ company long-term supply of wearing parts;
◆ 0.25m3 ~ 3.0m3 capacity specifications such as optional.

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